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The Past of the Barabás Mansion

Barabás Miklós, the significant painter of the XIX. Century, bought in 1839 a vineyard at Városmajor street 44, which back then similarly consisted of a press house and a celler. In 1840, the artist built up the classicist-style villa accordinag to his own plans and ideas. It was later expanded with a new place, where he lived for 30 years. Under the villa there was a large celler (suitable for wine storage) which was connected with the wine-dresser house by an underground tunnel. In 1870 the house was sold, and since then it had many owners. The building coplex was changing according to the different styles and needs of the various owners, therefore the original villa became unrecognizable.

In 2000, the government of XII. district decided to entirely renovate the villa. The tender for design was won by an architect Basa Péter, who designed the renovation plans with the help of Barabás’s aquarelle.

The basic concept of the renovation was to keep the original parts – the villa and the wine-dresser house – and to take down the newer ones.

The new classicist villa is now in the forefront, while the other parts of the complex are held back in a modest way, and they seem to be rather just parts of the beautiful garden.

When entering the Varosmajor street’s forged steel gate, the guest is welcomed by a fountain.
In 2004, the building complex received the Europa Nostra Award, the highest award of European architecture.

Barabás Villáról

Barabás Villa park



Barabás Villa - 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 44. •
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