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The event centre serves as an ideal place for organizing press conferences, conferences, trainings and dinners. Rooms of different sizes and forms give us great an opportunity to organize unique events for our clients. Every room is equipped by necessary technical tools and Internet connection.

The main, classicist-style building guarantees special atmosphere for family or business dinners for smaller group of guests.

The air-conditioned event room is situated behind the main building and it is perfectly suitable for higher headcount conferences, trainings, product introduction, fashion shows and standing receptions. The room can fit maximum 200 people, in the case of a standing reception, and 120 in the case of round table seating. Besides the 140 m2 space, there is a glass foreground of similar size, which is where the Swedish tables are situated in the case of buffet dinner. Therefore, while the conference is on behind the closed doors, our catering partners can calmly prepare the tables for the dinner, so that the participants can start the snack as soon as the conference is over.

The Barabás Villa complex is also composed of a wine-cellar like Vine-dresser house, which is an ideal place for organising wine tasting nights and pleasant dinners. The climate of the place is pleasant both in summer and winter. The space also contains an elegantly furnished salon.

The Mediterranean Park is considered to be the most magical and most unique place of the complex. The 1000 m2 park is carefully groomed and highly taken care of. The events which can be organized in this part of the area are dependent on the imagination and the weather.



Barabás Villa - 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 44. •
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